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A historical video from Iranian Jewish Women's Organization to celebrate The International Women's Month

This week, as the culmination of International Women's Month approaches, we have witnessed the many unique and varied ways the world has celebrated women's achievements. As such, we at IJWO, are celebrating The International Women's Month on March thirtieth, which has been declared "Iranian Jewish Women's Organization's Day " in Beverly Hills, CA.

Every year around this date, IJWO, with much enthusiasm and in a warm elaborate celebration, with hundreds of us attending, honors 3 exceptional women of our community. Yet last year as well as this year, like other organizations, due to the challenges created by COVID-19, we were not permitted to hold such large fund raisers in person to honor our numerous charitable commitments.

So, with much pleasure, at this time, and due to the popular demand from those who have previously watched https://youtu.be/c8JA859LRoU, we are commemorating Women's Month with public showing of this impressive part of history, created by the well-known documentary producer and film maker Mr. Abbas Hojatpanah, about the brave pioneer women who founded " Sazaman-e Banovan-e Yahoud-e Iran" (The Jewish Ladies Organization of Iran ), seventy-three years ago.

This historic documentary is a testimonial by trusted members of our community about how this group of visionary women, our community's mothers, aunts, cousins, neighbors or friends, in the most difficult times of after World War II, saw the miseries around them, and rose to occasion. You will witness first-hand how at the time when women were restricted to staying at home, they broke the barriers and took it upon themselves to change the lives of thousands and thousands of women and young girls throughout Iran.They empowered women and girls of all faiths, creed and background in the heart of ghettos and cities alike, by educating them and teaching them trades to improve the condition of their lives. In addition to numerous other much needed services, they founded a day-care center to provide help to needy children as well as those of single working mothers. Their efforts also included fighting for fair inheritance rights for women as well as assisting and hosting the refugees of WWII who were sent to Israel through Tehran.

Please click on the link below and watch this documentary with your daughters, granddaughters, sisters and your best friends. Every time you watch, a new chapter of their impressive achievements will be discovered. Every young girl around you, will benefit from watching how women with untapped talents can become powerhouses, if they put their mind into it.

If you would like to honor any women or young girls in your life, and have their name printed in our next book, please make a donation to IJWO, by going to WWW. IJWO.Org . Your hundred percent tax deductible donations will empower IJWO to honor its annual charitable donations and follow the path laid in front of us by these legendary women.

Happy International Women's month.

Link : https://youtu.be/c8JA859LRoU

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Iranian Jewish Women's Organization,
Shahla Zargarian Javdan, President